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$20 Million Lawsuit

Joyce Meyer is hit with a huge lawsuit from the family of a former employee:


And the response from Joyce Meyer’s attorney:

Their attorney seems to think this is just about money.  I tend to agree.  I’m not sure that an employer (Joyce Meyer Ministries, in this case) can be responsible for what employees do when they go home.  There would have to be some pretty good evidence (and maybe there is) that this was totally covered up.  Seems like a really hard case to prove.

That said… what a horrible situation for the family of the victims.



2 Responses to “ “$20 Million Lawsuit”

  1. Joe Holmin says:

    After a preliminary review of the videos,
    I would have to agree, based on the information
    shared, that this all comes down to money.

    Also, As Todd stated, what devastation for
    the family members, friends, community.

    Certainly a prayer rich environment.
    I’ll be adding this one to our prayer list.

  2. steve miller says:

    Totally bizarre logic on the surface, but in times of immense pain clear thinking goes out the window. It does seem like it is about the money, and I really hope it isn’t a lawyer using Angela DeCicco’s pain as their meal ticket and slandering a ministry in the process. Sad situation in need of prayer.


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