is now

Well… this is interesting.

Over the past few months, I’ve been making the online move from to

And it looks like you got here through the old URL.

That’s ok… you’re still in the right place.

So.  Why the change?

A couple of main reasons… the first being that, or MMI as many affectionately call it (or we’re all just way too lazy to expend the energy it takes to pronounce the eight syllables) started as a ‘Monday’ thing… but soon turned into an nearly everyday blog.  So… the name was kind of deceiving.  As much as I updated content, people would still always think that the new stuff was always there ONLY on Monday.

Another reason is just to brand my projects well.  The new domain will allow a little more flexibility in what I can show here.  It’s a little hard to explain, so please bear with me.

You know… for a long time I was known as the ‘ChurchStaffing’ guy.  Then as the ‘MMI’ guy.  Now I just want to be known as ‘Todd’.  I hope that you’ll enjoy the site.  I’m sure you won’t always agree with everything… but that’s ok.

And hopefully while you’re here… you’ll find something that will be of help to you today in your ministry!

And please… do come back more often than just Monday!

OK… click here to go to the main home page!


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