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Sexperiment with Ed Young, Jr.

Have you heard?  Ed Young, Jr. and his wife Lisa are heading to bed (again), only this time on the roof of Fellowship Church for 24 hours.  And there will be a live webcast.

I can hear you asking… WHY?

Well, they want to help you understand the power and potential of a strong marriage.

According to Ed, he thinks it’s time to put ‘bed back into the church and God back into bed’ because ‘God is the one who thought sex up and sex begins in heaven.’

This all coincides with a new book coming out called Sexperiment..

Here’s the press release.




15 Responses to “ “Sexperiment with Ed Young, Jr.”

  1. Matt says:

    With the glut of books and sermon series on sex, does anyone still fall for Ed’s trope that we’ve “kicked the bed out of church and God out of the bed”? Has this dude been living under a rock?

  2. Art says:

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  3. Dennis says:

    I’m sure it’ll make a lot of money…

  4. Alan says:

    Ed Young is NOT a “Jr.”

    The father’s *middle* name is “Ed,” not first.

  5. Pastor Shane says:

    At what point will his live webcast cross over into porn? He he never heard of “Every Mans Battle?”

  6. Baja John says:

    Its a shame the early church never thought of crazy antics like this to spread the Gospel. I think Ed jumped the shark 32 zaney publicity stunts ago…

  7. Steve Wulf says:

    I wonder if Ed looks at his popularity figures via web, etc and when it gets low he says , “hmmm, time for a sex series to shake things up. “

  8. I just have to shake my head, roll my eyes, and laugh to myself when I hear guys like Young say things like “the church has been too silent on sex.” It’s really sort of a straw man argument used to justify radical, over-the-top, extreme sex talks that are just too much. Where I grew up, I heard people preach on sex; however, the difference between what I heard years ago and what I hear now, is that years ago it was done with more taste and tact. These days, some guys act like they are in a junior high locker room when they carry on about sex on Sunday morning. Sure, let’s talk about sex in the church. But can’t we do it with maturity and good sense?

  9. jack says:

    I’m as relevant as anybody but Ed Young’s tactics have grown tired. He’s become a cartoon. Seems to me he’s having to bring sex up (again) to bolster his numbers, popularity, and money (oops, did I say money?!)

  10. Ed says:

    What in the world is Ed Young thinking…..oh maybe he isn’t.Ed why not announce you are doing a verse by verse exposition of Romans six and see how much that adds to your Sunday morning attendance and offering.It would be amazing what men of old might think i.e. Tolar,Tozer,Ironside,Hudson Taylor,Lightfoot,Spurgeon,Campbell Morgan,Marytn Lloyd Jones,Elija,Amos and Paul.
    I suggest we return to the Infallible,Inerrant,Authorative and Sufficent Word of God and put all this other GARBAGE TO BED….DID I SAY BED?

  11. Paul Kuzma says:

    I applaud Ed and any pastor who steps out and addresses such “hot” topics. However, there’s a whole group of married couples out there who do NOT get addressed with these kind of “public displays of affection” for the sake of getting the word out that sex is a good thing.

    What about the couples who love each other dearly, but sex is not a regular part of their relationship due to chronic illness, pain or disability? Nobody is talking about how this relates to this group. Maybe because it doesn’t?

    Just sayin.

  12. Jim says:

    Losing any respect I had of him by the minute.

  13. joe says:

    This is a blatant act of pragmatism (“if it works, it must be right” or “the end justifies the means”). Pragmatism is what Spurgeon observed in churches in England that was known as the “Down-Grade Controversy”.

    “The more gimmicks a church has to use entice people to come to church (or to reach people) is an indication that the church is not healthy.” (a quote heard in a church growth class in Bible college)

    See MacArthur’s comments:


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