What would God say to Pastor Ed Young?

Pastor Ed Young has started a new sermon series this year called “What Would Jesus Say to…” Here’s part of the press release: Beginning January 5 and 6, Pastor Ed Young of the multi-state Fellowship Church will begin a new series entitled, “What Would Jesus Say To…” In this new series, Ed Young will take an in-depth look at some conversations Jesus would have if he sat down one-on-one with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, LeBron James, Ellen DeGeneres and more. While Pastor Ed Young recognizes that it may seem presumptuous to claim to know what Jesus’...
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Inside the Pope’s new PopeMobile

It’s a sweet ride if you can get it. Here’s a look at the Pope’s new mobile digs: I think Ed Young is preaching from one of these on Sunday. Todd
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Fellowship Church to add “Midtown Miami” campus

From the press release: An exciting announcement came out of Miami, FL this past weekend as Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church in Grapevine Texas appeared via satellite to his current six campuses locations- four in Texas, one in Miami, and an online campus, FellowshipLive.com, to tell his parishioners that “the future is so bright at Fellowship Church you have to wear shades.” Then Ed Young continued- Fellowship Church is adding another campus location in Miami, named Midtown Miami. Located in the Midtown area of Miami, next to the Arts and Design District, one half of a mile from South...
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Candidate Legally Changes Name to VoteforEddie.com

I guess this is one way to get your name on the ballot… Eddie Gonzalez has officially changed his name to “VoteForEddie.com”.  That’s the actual name that will show up on the Florida ballot as VoteforEddie.com runs for the U. S. House of Representatives. That got me thinking. I’m wondering how long it will be before a pastor changes his name to a dot com? Sounds like the perfect idea for, say… Oh, I don’t know… Ed Young. I mean, think about it. He could change his name to EdYoung.com.  He already has the domain. Or how about this?  He could change his...
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Thank you, Ed.

I was just thinking the other day.  How can I tie a better looking tie knot? Who in the world (I asked myself), could help me with this conundrum? Then I found this video by Ed: (In full disclosure, I have not worn a tie in years, but this may prove helpful some day). Todd  
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Ed Young Suffers Injury During Sexperiment

It seems that Ed Young suffered an eye injury over the weekend when his very public ‘sexperiment‘ went horribly wrong. According to the Christian Post, Ed suffered some kind of eye injury from ‘exposure to the sun’ while on the roof of Fellowship Church during his 24-hour ‘bed-in’ with his wife, Lisa. The injury caused Young to leave the 24-hour webcast early. Which explains why, when I tuned in for five minutes late Friday, all I saw was a couple of hip worship dudes singing “Let’s Get it On”.  Seriously. I don’t know… to me this is...
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Sexperiment with Ed Young, Jr.

Have you heard?  Ed Young, Jr. and his wife Lisa are heading to bed (again), only this time on the roof of Fellowship Church for 24 hours.  And there will be a live webcast. I can hear you asking… WHY? Well, they want to help you understand the power and potential of a strong marriage. According to Ed, he thinks it’s time to put ‘bed back into the church and God back into bed’ because ‘God is the one who thought sex up and sex begins in heaven.’ This all coincides with a new book coming out called Sexperiment.. Here’s the press...
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Ed Young Jr. Teaches Us a New Song

It does say somewhere in the Bible to sing a new song.  Not sure if this is what it means though… Catchy tune, though.  :) Todd
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Just For The Health Of It

Thoughts? via Christian Nightmares, ‘Just For The Health Of It’: Pastor Buddy Cremeans…. My thoughts?  Well… it’s not as bad (or as embarassing) as Ed Young’s rap debut: What do YOU think? What’s the best/funniest/bizarre video you’ve ever produced at your church?  Send me the link, and I’ll post it here! Share Sign up for our Weekly Email for Church...
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Ed Young, Jr., Rap Star

Um… I’m not sure what to say about this one.  But I’d love to hear your...
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