Two and a Half Men’s kid wants out of ‘the filth’

You may not recognize the name Angus T. Jones, but he plays the 1/2 on Two and a Half Men. Recently, Angus started attending a Seventh Day Adventist Church; and yesterday posted his testimony, calling the show he is on: “filth”. Watch: Thoughts? The clip ALREADY has close to a million views on youtube and is causing quite the stir in Hollywood. Todd
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GLEE is of the Devil

Agree or disagree?
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Church Sues Hollywood

Dateline Hollywood:  This just in from the Hollywood Reporter:  A chain of evangelical Christian mega-churches (my note:  we tend to call this a “denomination”) is attempting to halt the film, Salvation Boulevard, which played at Sundance this year and has just been released theatrically. The subject of the film has the potential to generate some controversy — it mixes politics and religion. So too does the lawsuit from the Church of God — the plaintiff claims to have copyrighted a design based on the Christian cross symbol and intends to stop it from being shown in the...
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