Types of Preaching

If I had a choice, I think I’d take the tropical: HT:  SacredSandwich.com    
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Beyond what the law allows

I’m not threatening… but… a warning to all worship leaders and sound board operators. I’ll give you one more week. Thank you. Share Sign up for our Weekly Email for Church...
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Four drummers I’d like to see in church

OK… I don’t know that I’d really like to see these guys in church; but they would liven up some things, I guess. Check these guys out. The first is my all-time favorite. I’ve thrown in a classic Bill Cosby bit at the end as a bonus…
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Song of Solomon pickup lines

For all of our single readers of ToddRhoades.com, this video will no-doubt help you find the perfect mate that God has for you.  Or, then again… maybe not. HT:  Jesus Needs New...
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The funniest joke in the world

Really no correlation to church leadership or ministry here… but every now and then you just need a few minutes to laugh… So… what’s the funniest joke you’ve ever...
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Which library will you read from today?

This is so true. This week as you prepare for your weekend services… which library will you read from? As you deal with your staff and your congregation… which library will you read from? Theological debates are fun.  I love them.  But when they begin to define your ministry or your personality, they’re all of a sudden not so fun. Can you debate without getting angry? Can you have a theological discussion and come away feeling ok with sometimes disagreeing on the non-essentials? HT: ...
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Biblical Literalism

Obviously, there is a problem if you decide EVERY passage in the Bible is to be taken LITERALLY. After all, some of the language has to be “FIG”urative, right? HT: Stuff Fundies...
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The Truth about Online Arguments

I think this says it all:
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How to spot visitors in your church

I think you’ll find this VERY insightful… from David Hayward, the ‘nakedpastor‘:
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Nastiest Campaign EVER!

Another great post from Justin Taylor.  Boy… you thought this year’s presidential campaign is ugly… just think about what early American politics would have been like… if there had been TV:  
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