Mars Hill Church Downtown opens new location with 1600+ people

Mars Hill Church Downtown Seattle has relocated to the former home of the first church congregation in Seattle, which was opened in 1910 and was the church of Seattle’s founding families, the Dennys, Bells, and Borens.  Mars Hill welcomed over 1600 people at its grand opening this past Sunday, January 13, on a day when church attendance was expected to be low due to the Seattle Seahawks playoff game. News anchor Angela Russell reported last week on Mars Hill Downtown’s, “There’s a new chapter in Seattle’s history tonight with the salvation of a downtown Seattle building that is over 100...
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Driscoll: 16 Things I look for in a Preacher

At Mars Hill Church they have what they call a preacher’s “Qualifying Day”.  This year they have about 50 elders at Mars Hill, and about that many more in training. So they thought it would be fun to give them all a different text to preach a week ahead of time, then have a ‘preach off’ of sorts… They’ll show up to preach and be evaluated. Well… only 3 will preach in the first round (date) of competition. Mark Driscoll wrote on his blog: This will be fun…for some of us. For our Mars Hill version of American Idol for preachers, I’ll play the part of...
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Rob Bell: Working on a new faith-inflected talk show he would host

According to a new article about Rob Bell in the New Yorker… here’s the teaser: In 2011, Bell left Mars Hill, in part because of the controversy surrounding his book, and also because he was becoming less interested in the rigid structures of a church. He now lives in Orange County, California, and is developing a faith-inflected talk show he would host. From a certain evangelical perspective, Bell’s life can look like a cautionary tale: his desire to question the doctrine of Hell led to his departure from the church he built. But it’s also possible that his new life will end up...
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Resurgence Conference coming up October 9-12

Resurgence, in conjunction with Seattle’s Mars Hill Church, will host the first annual Resurgence Conference, featuring keynote speakers Rick Warren, Mark Driscoll, Lecrae, Greg Laurie, Craig Groeschel, Miles McPherson,  Nick Vujicic, and James MacDonald. Dustin Kensrue and other Mars Hill bands will be leading the worship sets. A special Training Day led by Driscoll and other Mars Hill senior leaders will take place on October 11. #e conference is expected to attract more than 3,000 attenders, including Christian leaders from churches around the world, as well as those Christians who don’t work...
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Mars Hill grows by 3,530 people in the past year

Press release: Mars Hill Church has been ranked the nation’s third-fastest growing church by Outreach magazine. In the magazine’s most recent issue releasing its annual rankings of the largest and fastest growing churches in the U.S., Mars Hill Church was also recognized as the 28th-largest church in the country. In the last 12 months, the magazine reported, Mars Hill’s weekend attendance has gone up by 3,530 to over 13,100, which represents a 37% growth over the previous year when the church ranked 43rd in both categories. The Outreach 100 report is the result of a survey conducted...
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Mars Hill to plant their 15th church plant in Tacoma

Mars Hill Church is on track to open its 15th church in Tacoma next year. The church currently has a contract to purchase the building of the First Congregational Church at 918 Division Ave, adjacent to Wright Park, on the north end of the downtown area. The 104-year-old building had been up for sale and was in danger of demolition this spring, KING 5 News reported in May. Mars Hill’s bid was accepted this summer; the church plans to spend about $1.5 million in improvements before starting services in the fall of 2013. The Tacoma church will be led by Bubba Jennings, who served as a pastor for...
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What to Do when Jesus Steps on the Gas

Mars Hill has a tremendous problem. They’ve seen phenominal growth in numbers… in fact they’ve grown 50% in the past year (over 5,000 people). That includes a 12% increase in attendance SINCE LAST WEEK. SINCE LAST WEEK. Church-wide… they are at 82% capacity during 36 weekend services at 14 different locations. Jesus has definitely stepped on the gas. Add to that, 551 small groups (with 60 new groups added this month). Whether you’re a fan of Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill or not… something big is happening there. And the stress and pressure from a pure administrative...
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Shane Hipps on Rob Bell’s Departure

From Shane Hipp’s blog… I learned when I become a pastor that it is a unique vocation.  Becoming a leader in any profession can be a lonely experience.  This isn’t always bad, in many ways it forces you to grow up fast.  In time you learn to allow the loneliness to become a divine ingredient in cultivating depth and resilience. Over the years I learned to befriend it as a teacher.  And as I’ve said here before, there is a difference between being alone, and being lonely. When I accepted the call to become the co-teacher with a beloved friend it was a strange experience.  We were...
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Rob Bell’s Last Sunday

Rob Bell’s last Sunday at Mars Hill in Michigan at the end of last year.  According to, the Sunday services wrapped months of transition for the church following Bell’s September resignation and subsequent move to the Los Angeles area to create an ABC television drama with ‘Lost’ producer Carlton Cuse, loosely based on Bell’s life. It was in a final sermon in December that he shared with the church what he called a confession — his last message: “I feel like I’m just getting started, like I’m a rookie, a freshman, a newb,” he told a gathering of several...
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Driscoll Book a Hit

Mark and Grace Driscoll’s new book, Real Marriage, reached the top spot on the list of bestselling books for both and for a while on Monday despite not being available in stores until Tuesday. You can order a copy of “Real Marriage” from right here if you’re so inclined. My question to you is… are YOU planning on reading the book? Respond back with one of the following: 1.  Already read it.  Loved it. 2.  Already read it.  It was ok. 3.  Already read it.  Complete heresy. 4.  Gonna read it… can’t wait. 5.  I’ll...
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