Money follows vision… but that’s only part of the story

Dan Reiland writes: Money follows vision. That’s true, but oh, if it were only that simple. There is so much more to it! There are many churches where there is vision, and yet the financial resources do not show up let alone keep up. So what separates the vision in a leader’s heart, from a vision that gets traction and takes off, and one that never seems to travel far from the lips of the leader? First, I think the primary leader, (the senior pastor), the key staff and church board members must have a deep and abiding sense of confidence in the vision. It’s not as if they don’t need God, in...
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When Raises Aren’t Possible

The economy is still in a hard place; and so are some churches.  So what do you do when you have valuable staff, but you’re not able to show your appreciation with a raise in salary? Liz Ryan has worked in corporate HR for over 20 years.  Recently, Matt Branaugh from Managing Your Church sat down with her and asked: What is one immediate thing many churches can do to reward staff, absent of a pay raise or a new health benefit, but might overlook? Here is her response: “We tend to think of churches or nonprofit organizations and assume they have a special burden because they don’t...
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Up 2.7% – Senior Pastor Salaries

According to Christianity Today,  Senior pastors reported salaries and benefits that, on average, were 2.7 percent higher than those reported for the preceding 2010-2011 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff: Read more here at… How’s that compare with your salary this year?  Up 2.7%?  More?  Less?  Pay freeze because of the economy?  How’s this hitting home for you and your...
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Miracle Copier

I guess if you’re going to copy miracles from someone, it might as well be Jesus.  This is how Cindy Jacobs fed the 3,000 with a few loaves of bread.  (I think if she would have had a few little fishes, she probably could have fed 6,000… an even bigger miracle than in scripture!) I would like to try to replicate the bank miracle.  Or maybe with cookies or something.  Wouldn’t you? HT: ...
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Financial Transparency in Your Church

So… how transparent is YOUR church in the area of giving and finances? Watch this two minute video.  It may challenge you: So… how’s your church doing?          
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Average Pay for the Senior Pastor?

What is the average pay for a senior pastor these days? Well, of course, it depends… on your experience, the size of your church, and what sex you are. According to the 2012-2013 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff (which surveyed about 4,600 churches and 8,000 church positions), the average senior pastor overall makes… [drum roll please]… $82,938. That’s up from last year’s average salary of $80,745. Another interesting finding is that women church employees (senior pastor or otherwise) make on average 28% LESS than men across all paid positions in the...
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Don’t Say This…

I’m not sure where this statement came from, but many churches have said it.  I think our church still says this regularly… but it’s something that Casey Graham says you should NOT say this weekend or ever… because it’s simply not true: If this is your first time here, we don’t want you to give. Casey says:  Let EVERYONE in attendance know that the offering is a time for people to support the mission and vision of your church. via Do NOT Say This In Church This Weekend. What do you...
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Are you taking or giving?

How does your church interact with the community regarding donations and fundraisers? The perception of many is that the church is a drain on the local community more than a blessing to it. We have been cautious (perhaps erring on the other side) to never ask the community to contribute to church activities. However, there are times when the church does something (i.e. disaster relief, Operation Christmas Child, etc.) where people want to contribute and the church can facilitate their donations without any benefit to itself. What has been your conclusion on the best way to minister to your community,...
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Pastoral Excuses for stealing $392k?

A former rector at St. Stephens Church in Colorado Springs is in big trouble… accused of stealing $392,000 from the church treasury. Rev. Donald Armstrong’s reasoning in court this week?  Well… he did use church funds to pay for his two kid’s college tuitions, but he did so in lieu of getting any pay raises for several years. In other words… you didn’t give me a pay raise, so I just paid my kids college bill instead. He said that all the checks were made to “Tuition Management Systems, and that the purpose of those checks should have been obvious. And each...
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What is your church worth?

A University of Pennsylvania professor and a secular research group decided to try to put a dollar value on churches.  They came up with a list of 54 categories and attempted to calculate what they described as the “halo effect” of 12 churches (10 protestant, a Catholic church, and a Jewish synagogue).  Here’s how they did it, according to A University of Pennsylvania professor and a secular research group decided to try to put a dollar value on churches.  They came up with a list of 54 categories and attempted to calculate what they described as the “halo...
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