How to fail

Seth Godin wrote something recently that I think is totally true. Successful people fail often, and, worth noting, learn more from that failure than everyone else. I have the opportunity to work with a ton of really healthy churches… and  I can tell you that this is a value in each and everyone one of them. Every one of them fails. And every one of them learns from their failures so that they can do better next time. If you look at failure as a negative in your ministry, you probably won’t fail much. And if you don’t fail much, you probably won’t get much right either. This...
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Are you famous?

Seth Godin writes:  Everyone is famous to 1,500 people. Some people are even famous to 3,000. And that’s a fascinating new phenomenon. When there are 3,000 or 10,000 or 500,000 people who think you’re famous…it changes things. The race to be slightly famous is on, and it’s being fueled by the social and tribal connections permitted by the net. We give a lot of credit and faith to the famous, but now there are a lot more of them. Over time, once everyone is famous, that will fade, but right now, the trust and benefit of the doubt we accord the famous is quite valuable. via...
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2 questions behind every disagreement

1.  Are we on the same team? 2.  What’s the right path forward? These are questions that Seth Godin posed in a post this morning. His point is that many times we ask the second question about the path; while the most important question is the first one:  Are we on the same team? Here is the right track to look at when asking the team question: Is this a matter of respect?  Power?  Do you come out ahead if I fail?  Has someone undercut you? Do we both wat the same thing to happen here? Answer those questions FIRST; then, if all goes well… ask the path question. According to Seth: If...
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Are you prepared to fail?

Some of Seth Godin’s posts are the shortest. This one had me thinking this morning. Here’s the concept:  We all say that we’re ok to fail.  It’s ok if we try something new and it doesn’t work out ok… we’ll just try something else. But very few of us are willing to risk anything in the process, other than a little bit of time or money. Here’s a quote Seth shares from David Chang: “We’re hoping to succeed; we’re okay with failure. We just don’t want to land in between.” Seth’s response: He’s serious. Lots of...
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It’s Your Choice… Don’t Screw it Up

This quote from Seth Godin has me thinking today: If you think you have no choice but to do what you do now, you’ve already made a serious error. As you go about your day, leading in the most important organization known to man, the church, don’t make a serious error of thinking that you have to do everything they way you did it yesterday or last week. You don’t. In fact… if you do… you may be making a SERIOUS error. More...
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“If your plan will only succeed if there is no turbulence at any time, it’s probably not a very good plan (either that or you’re not going anywhere interesting.)” -Seth Godin Link I learned this lesson again yesterday.  It really made me think about where I was going.  I sure DO want it to be interesting. How about you.  Where are you planning on going in 2012? Do you expect turbulence? And how will you react when the journey gets a little...
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Decision Making

“A decision without tradeoffs isn’t a decision.  The art of good decision making is looking forward to and celebrating the tradeoffs, not pretending they don’t exist. –Seth Godin Uh… chew on that for a little bit today.
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When it’s you against the boss, the goal is to do less work. When it’s you against the project, the goal is to do more work. From the wisdom of Seth Godin… Which is it for you today?  
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Work vs. Play

Seth Godin writes: More and more, we’re finding it easy to get engaged with activities that feel like work, but aren’t. I can appear just as engaged (and probably enjoy some of the same endorphins) when I beat someone in Words With Friends as I do when I’m writing the chapter for a new book. The challenge is that the pleasure from winning a game fades fast, but writing a book contributes to readers (and to me) for years to come. One reason for this confusion is that we’re often using precisely the same device to do our work as we are to distract ourselves from our work. The...
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Good job?

One way to approach your work: “I come in on time, even a little early. I do what the boss asks, a bit faster than she expects. I stay on time and on budget, and I’m hardworking and loyal.” The other way: “What aren’t they asking me to do that I can do, learn from, make an impact, and possibly fail (yet survive)? What’s not on my agenda that I can fight to put there? Who can I frighten, what can I learn, how can I go faster, what sort of legacy am I creating?” via Seth’s Blog Two different attitudes?  Which do you have yourself?  Which do you...
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