Pastor: Stop thinking your people are just like you… they’re not.

I really like the post that Michael Lukaszewski posted yesterday.  He talks about how pastors always think that the people in their churches are just like them. The reality is… they’re not. Here are some of Michael’s examples: They don’t know who John Piper or Steven Furtick are.  They are confused when you quote them without context. They aren’t familiar with their Bibles.  When you say, “You know…like it says in First Timothy,” they absolutely don’t know. They don’t work in a Christian environment.  They aren’t surrounded by Christians who love worship music and...
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How to do “spontaneous baptisms” at your church

Wow… Steven Furtick is getting some bad blog press from some of the watchdog blogs about publishing a resource kit for churches on how to host a ‘spontaneous baptism’. You see, Elevation Church baptized 2,158 over two weekends recently, giving people the opportunity to get baptized on the spot. And they’ve published a guide and learning piece showing what they needed to do behind the scenes to make this happen. Logistics, you might say. But one blogger finds the document proves that the goal was ‘clearly numbers, and an opportunity to create excitement, get people in the...
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Code Orange Wrap-up

Pretty cool.  Take a look at this video synopsis of Elevation Church’s Code Orange Revival:
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Code Orange “Elevated” to Code Red

From the “think the worst about your brother” file… A popular blogger is accusing Elevation Church of ‘censorship’. Huh? Well, Chris Rosebrough, the blogger in this story, says that when Matt Chandler spoke at Elevation Church’s Code Orange Revival this week, all was fine… but when the time came for the sermon to be re-webcast at Elevation’s normal time at 10:12 pm and 3:12 am; Chandler’s sermon was cut. The church’s response: “We decided to do prayer time live during the first rebroadcast time. We were getting so many requests for...
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Furtick v. Chandler at last year’s Elephant Room

Check out this clip from the Elephant Room from last year. Chandler and Furtick from Harvest Bible Chapel on Vimeo. The next round of the Elephant Room is a week from today (Wednesday), January 25 at 65 locations across the US.  You can check it out here.
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Holy Ghost Old-School Revival

According to the Christian Post, Elevation Church is kicking off a 12-day “Holy Ghost, old-school revival” on Wednesday in hopes of seeing God move in a big way this new year. Craig Groeshel, Pastor T. D. Jakes, and Christine Caine are the speakers – for what it is calling the “Code Orange” Revival. Code Orange is meant to imply a heightened sense of urgency. The website states: “Probably the most fitting example that relates to our revival is the description for the Code Orange stage of a volcano: Exhibiting heightened or escalating unrest with increased potential of eruption, timeframe...
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If You’re Feeling Stuck

Are you stuck?  In ministry?  In your personal life? “Stuckness” happens really often for pastors and church leaders.  Many times on Monday mornings! Steven Furtick has some thoughts on being stuck… and shares 3 things that can lead you to getting stuck.  If you’re feeling stuck this morning, I’m wondering if one of these things is the culprit. 1. Complacency Change is hard. Positive change is just as hard as negative change. Sometimes it’s easier to stay stuck than to move forward. Often it’s more comfortable to stick with something that’s tolerable and familiar...
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Steven Furtick writes:  Many people have a warped view of God’s reaction to our sin. They think that if God is disciplining them, He’s out to get them. They’ve walked away from God, so now He’s paying them back. Getting even. Settling the score. This misses the whole point of God’s discipline. God doesn’t discipline us to pay us back but to bring us back. To our senses. To the life we were saved for. To Him. One of the most unloving things God could do would be to allow you to live in sin and operate under the illusion that you’re still close to Him....
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Can’t we all just get along?

At the recent Elephant Room conference, I was really impressed with the speakers and how they discussed their disagreements.  I wish the Body of Christ as a whole were mature enough to relate as well as these folks did. When we disagree in the church, our first tendency is to tear down or degrade the other person or ministry. There are tons of blogs that make their claim to fame on just that. But it takes maturity, and quite frankly, much more time and effort to reasonably discuss your disagreements with another brother. Take a look at these two great exchanges… the first between Matt...
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Uh… yeah, that pretty much sums up my feelings of a certain segment of Christianity. Although they wouldn’t like being called ‘haters’. They would prefer apologists or discerners.  Constantly contending for the faith. I have a whole category of rss feeds labeled for these folks.  I checked it every day to see who/what’s got them peeved.  Usually it’s Rick Warren or Rob Bell.  Sometimes Mark Driscoll.  But more recently they’ve set their scopes on one that they have long admired:  John Piper. My thought many times is:  what a...
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