Teens would rather talk than text

News flash:  Teens would rather talk face to face than text. That’s the news in this new report… interesting stuff!
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Teens: Text over Talk

New study of 13-21 year olds:  71% of the respondents preferred texting to phone calling.
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How do we really use cell phones in 2011?

It is pretty amazing how mobile phones have taken over the world and it is even more amazing if you see usage numbers put in perspective. HT:...
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Fountain Lady

Remember, the lady that was texting while walking through the mall and fell into the fountain?  It was an internet sensation last week.  And. it. was. funny. Well, turns out the woman in the video is ticked.  Ticked that mall security tapes of her falling into the mall fountain were released on YouTube.  Also disgusting to her were the mall security personnel laughing at her with their play-by-play of the tape. After all, Cathy Cruz Marrero is a Christian, and was just texting back a friend from church. Not that that has anything to do with it. Or the fact that nobody in the world knew who...
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