5 Cultural Shifts that affect the church

Carol Howard Merritt suggests that churches aren’t the most culturally savvy places: I know that some congregations are still fighting about whether they should be singing “contemporary” songs, which were written in the 1980s. Or they’re wrestling over the use of PowerPoint, which can be tiresome for people who have endured two decades of PP board meetings… But there are cultural shifts that congregations and church leaders need to track and respond to sensibly. Here are five of them. 1) Finances. Younger generations are not faring well in this economy. They didn’t do so well when the...
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Church Sues Hollywood

Dateline Hollywood:  This just in from the Hollywood Reporter:  A chain of evangelical Christian mega-churches (my note:  we tend to call this a “denomination”) is attempting to halt the film, Salvation Boulevard, which played at Sundance this year and has just been released theatrically. The subject of the film has the potential to generate some controversy — it mixes politics and religion. So too does the lawsuit from the Church of God — the plaintiff claims to have copyrighted a design based on the Christian cross symbol and intends to stop it from being shown in the...
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The Church of the Future

Brady Boyd writes:  In the past ten years, I have witnessed remarkable changes in the local church and the coming decade will usher in even more transformations.While the ancient Sacraments will remain, everything else is up for debate. How we worship, when we gather, what is said, who is leading and where the gatherings happen will all undergo scrutiny and debate. I have four predictions for the next decade of local church. 1. The places where we gather will become smaller Every social and cultural trend is leaning toward the smaller, more intimate gatherings and away from the stadium worship...
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Dirty Little Secret

David Foster writes: It has been my privilege to lead churches since I was 18 years old.  I have watched both movements and movers move on and off the scene.  The American church landscape has been painted, erased and painted over many times, yet in all these years and in the passing of all that time, I’ve heard almost nothing about, what I consider to be,  the American church’s dirtiest little secret.   The church’s dirtiest little secret is not the scandal of flock fleasing pastors jetting around at their church’s expense.  Nor is it the outrageous...
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