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VIDEO: Stylish adult baptisms

FINALLY!  A style guide for baptism.  Yes… she said that you should not be boobalishous.  (Just in case you were in doubt).

Found here…

13 Responses to “ “VIDEO: Stylish adult baptisms”

  1. Brian says:

    I want to go to this church!!!!!!!!

  2. Ron says:

    make it available in Ukraine.

  3. Chuck says:

    I learned how to do this in a Bible college class back in the 1980′s: “Americanism in the Church 101.”

  4. Chad W says:

    WHAT!?!? I can’t believe… You’ve got to be… I’m not sure… Oh, my.

    Okay. Now that I’m past the shock-and-awe moment. This raised a question in my mind. Should there be more of a celebration at a baptism than what is typical? Obviously, different denominations do things differently, but should the celebration be more than choruses of “amen” and “praise the Lord” from the little-old-lady pew? Maybe so, but how do you do it without lifting up the person being baptized more than you lift up God? I must admit, a reception with a wedding-style cake sounds good anytime. I love cake (mmmmm, cake). But when do we go too far and when do we not go far enough? My opinion is that this video went too far.

    I honestly didn’t believe I would ever see a video guide to a stylish baptism ceremony. Yes, I know; how foolish of me.

  5. Dave Telling says:


  6. Reformed Protestants are consumed with being “GOOD.” Please read I Peter 2, Baptism is about Salvation, beginning of the forgiven life. This hooplah is OK, but where’s the glory to God for what he has done for us in Baptism.

  7. davepatchin says:

    Not sure why the comments are focused on church…this video was done by a STYLE TV show, not any faith group.

  8. First we have Americanized evangelism that has brought many false converts into the church and now stylish baptisms. What’s next? Stand in line to take the mark of the beast?

  9. What is stylish about the death of the old man and raising to life of a new person in Christ, where Christ, not I, now lives and calls me to walk in newness of life? While we are on the style subject, why not dress the bodies in the coffins at the funerals with more style? Did we all forget what baptism IS???

    • turby says:

      AMEN! Why do so many refuse to read ! Peter 2. Definition of Baptism into Christ, the forgiveness of sins, the New Righteous Man.

  10. Well, this stylish baptism video doesn’t mention anything about Christ so why assume this is even pertaining to a Christian Baptism? This seems more like a John the Baptist type of baptism (please note “seems” and “type”, as this is a very loose comparison). The only thing she talked about was living a better life. The cakes had angels on the top which are found in more than just Christianity.

  11. Jim says:

    Discrimination!!!!! Sexism!!! What are men suppose to wear?

  12. Steve Miller says:

    Is this a spoof? I honestly can’t tell.


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